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Counselling Information

Whether you need to talk about a tough situation, or you want to explore a deeper emotional  issue, your therapist will listen and draw from many therapeutic models in order to find what resonates best for you, the client. Your doctor may request a form of therapy.  A strengths based stance is a foundation at Beck & Associates Counselling.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Present Focused Therapy,  Mindfulness, Acceptance, Narrative Therapy, Positive Therapy, Emotionally Focussed and Solution Focussed approaches are all modes of therapy that can help you see things differently, and put you back in charge of your life.  And let's not forget the simple therapeutic benefit of talking and being heard. 

FOR Women

Juggling home and work along with relationship issues, parenting  challenges, loss, trauma, or even childhood trauma can be overwhelming. Feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and depression can gain a foothold

Counselling is an opportunity to share the load, explore new ways of thinking and coping. You will examine your assumptions about who you are, tap into your potential and remind yourself of who you want to be. 


Questions? Give me a call or send me a text!


Life can throw us a serious curve now and again – personally, in relationships, at home or work. Historically, men were taught to be strong and cope silently. In our siloed world, many don’t have an emotional support network, someone to talk to about feelings of sadness, emptiness, anger, loss or frustration. Sometimes the pressure builds to explosions. Sometimes sadness quietly creeps in.

Counselling is confidential and talking can be enormously helpful for men dealing with painful  issues.


Consider what youth are bombarded with in the media every day and you’ll understand how they might feel anxious, powerless, or angry. Combine this with challenging home and school dynamics or relationships, or difficulty finding work, and it can lead to mood issues. Teens who feel anxious, sad or disempowered may exert control over their lives through negative behaviour, or by opting out. 


Supportive counselling can provide young clients with an ally who will help them see themselves as an empowered individual with a future to forge. 

Easy. Accessible. See your therapist from the privacy

and comfort of your home, office, school, even your car.

Wherever you are. 

Want to get started?

Simply use the "Book a Session" button, or contact Andrea for an appointment.  At your specified time she will contact you directly via the platform of your choice and start your session. 

At Home

If you are in crisis or experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts please go immediately to your nearest hospital.

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